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Real estate appraisals are often the starting point of many important real estate decisions. It is therefore advisable to establish the property value with a professional and diligent approach. Our real estate appraisals are based on interdisciplinary knowhow and long-standing experience in the regional market. Our comprehensive analysis covers construction-related, financial, legal and tax-specific aspects. As member of the SIV we evaluate properties in the entire German-speaking part of Switzerland.


Appraisal types:

  • Residential properties         

  • Houses           

  • Condominiums         

  • Commercial properties         

  • Building land 

  • Rights in rem



  • Hedonic pricing         

  • Income capitalization         

  • DCF appraisals         

  • Cost approach appraisal   

  • Residual value appraisal     

  • Stochastic modelling


  • Property appraisal

  • Analysis of location and object specific factors

  • Market value report

  • Short analysis on development potential

  • Assessment of the state of construction



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